Five Most Creative Film Characters Ever

Reveals how specific movies are capable of developing the viewers creativity and highlights the top 5 most creative characters in mainstream cinema history.

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Lord_Sloth3933d ago

Edward Scissorhands rocked! 1 of my all time favorite movies!!!

alycakes3933d ago

Yes he was one of the most memorable. I just loved him.

aDDicteD3933d ago

just by seeing the title i knew that Edward Scissorhands would be included in the list,, nice

aDDicteD3933d ago

i knew he would be included ^_^

Paulh823932d ago

Well, that artificial man-scissor-thing is just a genius. Scissor-Rembrandt FTW.

LettingGo3932d ago

I won't argue. I want to...but I won't.

Ninjamonkey823932d ago

Edward Scissorhands had to make it Winona Ryder in that one scene beautiful.