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Ten Films To Look Forward To In 2012

WGTC writes:
Personally, I feel like 2011 is so… last year. I’m more than ready to move on to the sure-to-be fateful 2012, destiny-driven by a cocktail of the Mayans, an upcoming United States presidential election and a more the promising handful of movies. I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, and now I’m pining for a fresh batch of films. It’s time to look at the most anticipated films of 2012. Out with the old, and in with the new; shall we?


Written by Emily from WGTC.

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MinimeJer053925d ago

Great list. Looking forward to The Dark Knight Rises.

pomoluese3925d ago

My anticipation for World War Z ended when I read about how much they changed it from the book.

I forgot they were making a Great Gatsby film, it's weird seeing Toby Maguire not playing Peter Parker.

tarbis3924d ago

Looking forward to Dark Knight Rises, Avengers, Spider-man, World War Z, The Hobbit and Hunger Games. =D
Great list btw.

falconsfan073924d ago

The Dark Knight Rises is number one on my list. Followed by The Avengers and The Amazing Spiderman. Also looking forward to Prometheus but Im not sure if it releases in 2012.

Blacktric3924d ago

Oh wow... No Prometheus. What a joke.

emily_estep3924d ago

When's the last time Ridley Scott made something awesome. Black Hawk Down?

Kingdom Come3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

Well, that depends on individual interpretation. I personally would have considered American Gangster to be a fantastic movie, whilst I consistently consider Black Hawk Down to be an overrated work of Ridley Scott. I think the primary anticipation for Prometheus derives from the longing for a true new installment in the Alien franchise (despite it's loose connection) and with it being genes by the creator of the series, the master some would state.

emily_estep3924d ago

Kingdom Come - I totally agree on the individual interpretation thing. I'm just suggesting that he hasn't been a reliable filmmaker for quite some time. It's difficult for me to be super excited for Prometheus.

Kingdom Come3924d ago

And I'm not disagreeing with you as such. You have constructed a very agreeable list of films for 2012, whilst I disagree with a select few and the ordering, that, again, is personal opinion. As listed below, I'm hugely anticipating "The Dark Knight Rises" due to my obsession with his continuing catalogue of masterpieces. "The Amazing Spiderman" for it's differing vision of our favourite wall crawler, placing him in to a complex web of secrecy and danger alike, hopefully achieving that gritty vibe we've all grown attached to with Nolans Batman Trilogy with the captivating performances and structure of Sam Raimi's Spiderman masterpieces (1 & 2).
And "007 Skyfall" for the intriguing premise and involvement of the fantastic Sam Mendes. Dampened only by the reports of development difficulties of the past few years.

RememberThe3573924d ago

Sorry but Prometheus looks dope. As much has Robin Hood sucked the man knows how to make a movie and I'm hopeful that he has moved past these convoluted stories that need 3 hours minimum to make any sense. Getting back to the "people find alien, alien f*cks sh*t up" plot line is his best chance for that.

Also, I'm not really looking forward to The Amazing Spider-Man. It's too soon for a reboot IMO and I'm not diggin the new cast.

Other than that I liked the list there were some movies on their that hadn't been on my radar, so thanks for that.

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userofbb3924d ago

the important point is that his latest sci-fi (or alien movie) was excellent, so I have big expectations in Prometheus !!

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