Interview With Writer/Director Of 'Boy Wonder' Michael Morrissey

EXCLUSIVE: Check out what director Michael Morrissey has to say about getting his debut feature off the ground, the story behind that title and which Marvel character he would like to adapt for the big screen.

A while ago I came across the poster for a movie called Boy Wonder, and was instantly curious about both the title and the image of the main character all brooding and face painted. Very super heroish right? So I watched the movie and was very impressed indeed, although it was nothing like I was expecting at all. Boy Wonder is a dark tale of revenge and obsession with a sting in the tail. It features top notch performances from a relatively unknown cast, as well as a very assured directorial debut from Michael Morrissey who also wrote the script, and was good enough to have a little chat with me about the film.

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This sounds interesting enough...have to wait and see.