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Justin Bieber Has 'It,' Mark Wahlberg Says

'I'm pretty intuitive,' actor tells MTV News about why he wanted to work with the pop star on an upcoming basketball-themed drama.

Mark Wahlberg surprised movie fans everywhere when he announced plans to hook up with Justin Bieber on the big screen. But when MTV News caught up with the "Contraband" star recently, he explained why he wanted to work with the teen phenom on the basketball-themed drama.

alycakes4443d ago

I know he'll get a lot of sales at the box office from all those Justin Beiber fans so it would make a ton of money but I don't know how much acting talent he's going to get out of him. I did see some of his acting on tv and it wasn't all that great. Who know....maybe it's improved.

iamnsuperman4443d ago

Not sure what "it" is because his TV work, well, wasn't very good. It could all be publicity but there is also a possibility maybe he has had acting lessons. I am not a fan of singers turning movie stars. Hardly anyone can pull it off and the large majority make fools of themselves.

alycakes4443d ago

Yes, that's exactly what I was thinking too. I sure hope he got some acting lessons. I think they're just counting on his popularity to bring in the money whether he knows how to act or not.


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