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'The Expendables': Director’s Cut Blu-ray Review-The Collider

The Collider:
When The Expendables dropped last year, many felt that—while Sylvester Stallone’s heart was in the right placed—the film failed to live up to expectations (there’s also a strong, vocal minority that love the film, and we should all just go ahead and assume now that they’re going to take issue with this statement). Surprisingly enough, one of these people seems to be…Sylvester Stallone, who introduces the new Director’s Cut of The Expendables by saying, “I liked the theatrical version, but I love this (version)”. Have improvements been made? Is the film really and truly better? And how can one tell, if one immediately forgot the first film almost as soon as they’d seen it? Find out in my review of The Expendables: Director’s Cut, after the jump.

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alycakes3457d ago

I don't know that I would get this seeings how I already have the first one when it came out on dvd.

aDDicteD3455d ago

the film was nice but i don't want to own this