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Review - The Adventures of Tintin |

GUFUyourself writes - "The big question about Steven Spielberg’s latest film “The Adventures of Tintin” is will it manage to strike a chord with American audiences who are oblivious to the character? Let’s face it, Tintin, the beloved intrepid reporter created by Belgian artist Herge, is famous across the Atlantic, but not many here in the States know of him. I wasn’t even aware of him before this collaboration between Spielberg and Peter Jackson was announced, and even though I’ve read a bit of the comics since, I wouldn’t exactly say that I was up on the whole Tintin phenomenon when the lights dimmed. However, the thing is, he should catch on, because “The Adventures of Tintin” is an compelling adventure yarn that anyone can have a good time watching, whether you know anything about him or not."

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