LRA: Shame - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: I recently panned the film The Descendants for being overly generic with its story contrivances. It featured adequate performances from actors that were capable of so much more and offered nothing new to the tired family drama formula. But that movie wasn't interested in its characters or the actors portraying them, at least not as much as it was interested in its painfully cliched story. Shame is in many ways the complete opposite of that film and approaches its subject in a much more straightforward manner which I appreciated. It doesn't try to provide us with some kind of rewarding life lesson from its narrative. It isn't interested in trying to manipulate us into its web of perversions and broken souls. In probably one of this years most comprehensive character studies, it just simply invites us to follow the life of a man and be witness to his morale and mental collapse into a world of obsessive self destruction.

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