Top Ten Anticipated Movies Of 2012

From superhero team ups to Prohibition era bootleggers, Matt's Movie Reviews presents its Top Ten Anticipated Movies of 2012.

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RememberThe3573196d ago

I'd completely rearrange that list but those are pretty much my picks as well.

blumatt3196d ago

My two most anticipated are the Star Trek sequel and The Dark Knight Rises.

Captain Qwark 93196d ago

i completely agree with the top 3 and in that order

LettingGo3195d ago

Even the Expendables?!?

Captain Qwark 93195d ago

hell yes lol i grew up watching late 80/90's action films, stallone is still a beast!

Lord_Sloth3196d ago

In no order...

The Avengers
The Expendables 2
The Bourne Legacy
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
The Raven
Underworld Awakening
Wrath of the Titans
Kenkichi (all I know is Tak Sakaguchi's in it and that I need no more reason)

...That's it really. Not much of a movie watcher.

Lord_Sloth3196d ago

Sorry, but no.

Nolan takes DC's greatest martial artist and puts out crap fight scenes and discards anything supernatural.

I'll borrow the DVD when it comes out.

gaden_malak3196d ago

Never heard of Wettest before but it looks good. Good cast.

emily_estep3196d ago

The Hunger Games?

And can we be honest and stop acting like Ridley Scott has made a good movie in the last 10 years?

RememberThe3573195d ago

Haterrrrr! I hope you got a plate ready cuz your about to be eatin' your words.

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The story is too old to be commented.