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Tower Heist is an entertaining crime comedy that features solid popcorn filmmaking from Brett Ratner and a big time cast having fun.

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alycakes2608d ago

I don't really go see Adam Sandler movies but I thought this movie was very funny. It was a lot of fun to watch. Everyone in it brought something to the story and it made it worth going to see.

RememberThe3572608d ago

I think you mean Ben Stiller, and Tropic Thunder was awesome, if you haven't seen it do it now.

I still want to see this movie, good to hear you liked it.

alycakes2608d ago

Yes I do but I was thinking of both of them because both of them came out with movies at around the same time that and I didn't go see the other one because no one else was in that movie that I would go see except for Al Pacino..the comedy where Sandler plays himself and his twin sister.

Thanks for the correction.