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Jeremy of We Got This Covered wrote, "If there was one movie that is sure to get mostly skipped over at the Academy Awards this year it will be Warrior. Gavin O’Connor directs a film that looks similar to last years The Fighter, but is instead much different. Warrior is a mix of sports dramas before it like The Fighter and Rocky, but where it differs is its two-tale approach that slowly merges two stories together without sacrificing impact or emotions. Warrior is without a doubt one of the most powerful films of 2011 thanks to its three top billed stars that provide career best performances. The story may sound familiar, but it’s very much its own thing."

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alycakes3198d ago

This was one of the best movies of 2011 so it should get a good review by almost anyone.

aDDicteD3198d ago

it deserves a good review! really liked it! ^_^

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alycakes3198d ago

He really shined in Inception and I've been watching him since and will be from now on.