'RoboCop' Remake: Interview With Director José Padilha

The Telegraph,UK:
Brazilian director José Padilha talks about his reboot of Paul Verhoeven's RoboCop, due in 2013.

Remakes are the film critic’s favourite hate object, mainly because it’s so rare that you come across a good one. So when director José Padilha – whose latest film, Elite Squad: The Enemy Within, became the most commercially successful Brazilian film in history – signed up for a reboot of Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 action flick RoboCop, eyebrows were raised.

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alycakes2615d ago

I think he's going to do a great job with this movie...I will leave my thoughts on hold until I've seen it when it comes out.

aDDicteD2615d ago

the original robocop was good....i hope this will be a descent remake/reboot if it happens

andron2613d ago

I'm actually a bit hyped over a Robocop remake/reboot. It's due time we get some more of him, as long as ends up better than the awful 3rd movie...

alycakes2611d ago

Yeah, that 3rd one terrible. I think this one is going to be really good. I really like the original a lot.

andron2608d ago

Yup, great Robocop fan here too, as you can imagine from my avatar. lol

Generally I'm no fan of remakes and updates, but I really want more Robocop and in the right hands this could be really good....