Producer Andrew Kosove Says Screenwriter For New 'Blade Runner' Film Will Be Announced Soon

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With 2011 winding down, all eyes are now on 2012 and what the future will bring. One project knocking around for a while is "Prisoners," and the new year should bring the film some better fortune. Making the Black List way back in 2009, the film has gone through three directors (Bryan Singer, Daniel Espinosa, and Antoine Fuqua), and a handful of potential stars, before settling on "Incendies" director Denis Villeneuve earlier this year. With Villeneuve recently lining up the Russell Banks adaptation "The Darling," we wondered what was happening with "Prisoners," and recently had the opportunity to speak with Alcon Entertainment producer Andrew Kosove about development on the project, as well as few more high profile films he's got brewing, inlcuding Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner" followup, the "Point Break" remake and more.

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alycakes2610d ago

Good....I'm glad they're going ahead with that project. I would like to see Blade Runner done.

RememberThe3572608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

As long as he has a good script Scott will blow your socks off. Just don't give him a watered down Robin Hood script, that wont turn out well. That movie needed to be an hour longer with more action sequences. It's amazing what Scott did with the Directors Cut of Kingdom of Heaven, it was like night and day. Scott just needs to remember how to make a 2 hour movie and he'll be fine.