Stunning New Promo Art For The Amazing Spider-Man Unveiled

CBM says

Thanks to Twitter's @RIMBreaks, we have three new live action promo images from a planned four-part comic book adaptation of The Amazing Spider-Man which is expected to be released this June.

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swishersweets200313201d ago

this movie is going to suck ass.. the actor they picked blows, thanks for turning spider man into twilight.

Megaman_nerd3200d ago

the Twilight movies weren't thaaaaat baaad but it's annoying when a franchise becomes successful and then everyone start to copy it insteadof being original like for example: Call of Duty and its many clones.

swishersweets200313200d ago

anyone that says twilight isnt that bad doesnt get a voice to be heard.

aDDicteD3201d ago

very nice,, hope it delivers well

VenomCarnage893201d ago

I actually like the new suit a lot, I just don't like the eyes

WildStyles3200d ago

Not a big fan of the suit but I think the movie will be good. The cast is great and the director seems competent. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo received great reviews.

spicelicka3200d ago

STOP MAKING 10 SUPERHERO MOVIES EVERY FKN YEAR, GOD DAMNN do film makers even have an imgination anymore? (i realize it's where the money is, but that's because people have nothing good to watch anymore)