LRA: Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: I really liked Mission: Impossible 3...a lot. It solved all the problems I had with the John Woo directed sequel. It once again featured a team of agents working towards an impossible goal and it also punched the adrenaline meter into high gear which was in stark contrast to the more showy and slow paced second film. After MI3 I was back on board and was starving for more. Then the meltdown happened. Tom Cruise became box office poison and despite the warm critical acceptance of MI3 and Cruise's much publicized departure from Paramount (of which he had a couple decade old partnership with) it seemed that the mission had truly became impossible and the series was dead in the water. Fast forward five years later and with Cruise's palette cleansed of his unpopular antics as well as a cast and crew that were red hot, the mission once again seemed more than possible, it appeared to be imminent. But was this the mission we had been waiting for?

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