Disney Confirms 'The Avengers' Will Be 3D

The Collider:
First up, and to the surprise of no one, the studio confirms that The Avengers will be in 3D. This was already assumed, given that all of Marvel’s recent movies have been post-converted to the format. In other Marvel news, the studio has shifted an untitled project from June 2014 to April 4th, 2014, a month before the opening of another untitled Marvel project that’s scheduled for May 16th.

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DarkBlood3202d ago

well like that isnt obvious enough :P

edwest3201d ago

I'm pretty sure they announced that this was in 3D ages ago(?)

alycakes3201d ago

I hope they also release it in 2D at the same time or I'm going to be a little disappointed.

Garethvk3201d ago

Gutless move here. Prometheus, The Amazing Spider-man had the integrity to film in 3D and not do this lame post conversion crap that is killing the potential of the tech.

pomoluese3200d ago

I hate 3D in all forms except real life, but post 3D is just terrible. Why would people continue to do it?

DarkBlood3200d ago

money first and possibly extra enoyment second

pomoluese3200d ago

People like spending extra money?

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