New Underworld 'Legacy' Video

Comingsoon says

Following this morning's first TV spot, Screen Gems has also debuted a new Underworld "Legacy" video that gives a look back at the series to catch moviegoers up before they see Underworld Awakening on January 20th. The video features an intro by star Kate Beckinsale!

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Crazay3204d ago

That video reminded me of why I liked the series so much. I think I'll have to rewatch them all sooner then later.

alycakes3203d ago

Saw this one at the movies last looks like it's really going to be good and bring back the the excitement of the first two.

aDDicteD3203d ago

very nice, ^_^
hope this one delivers well

Lord_Sloth3203d ago

I really think they should ditch the guns and go full on melee in this franchise. Maybe the occasional throwing weapon, but still no guns.

I enjoyed the films, yes, but it felt like a Gangster Movie where the rival gangs were just Werewolves and Vampires. Take out that and you have the Boondock Saints. Not that that's a bad thing but it makes the Vampire thing feel...tacked on? I dunno.

Still wanna see this.

rataranian3203d ago

I'm a fan, but the last one was so good that whatever this one is wont be nearly as good. And what more do they need to do with this story? It was pretty perfect. Don't turn it into Resident Evil where shit just jumps the shark and starts to not even make sense.

Crazay3203d ago

I thought the last one (prequel) was easily the best in the series.

rataranian3201d ago

It was for sure. But it was a prequel to the first story. So it was a completed circle and I thought it was wrapped up there. Did you read the story of this new one? Micheal is not even in the movie.