New Year’s Special: Five TV Shows That Should End In 2012

ScreenCrave - 2012 is now looming around the corner, and with it comes another year of TV watching (if you’re like us, that is). Unfortunately, though, for every Breaking Bad, Mad Men, or Boardwalk Empire, there are about a dozen clunkers that just keep rolling onward, shows which should have ended years ago. With that in mind, we here at ScreenCrave decided to group together the five TV shows that most desperately need to be put out of their misery. From former classics to programs that were never good to begin with, these are the shows we hope fade to black in 2012.

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alycakes2618d ago

I can agree with The Office but I like Whitney and I think Dexter could go on a another couple of years. Now...I like House but I do think it's run it's course also. The Simpsons should go too.