LRA: Top Five Films Featuring Tom Cruise

LRA writes: Say what you will about the man's personal life, he has made some great movies. This has been the hardest list of five films for an actor yet. There are so many other movies that should be a part of this list just simply because of their historical value (Top Gun & Eyes Wide Shut for instance). But what is even more staggering than some of his more iconic roles is that the man has made far fewer films than most would probably suspect. It just goes to show how much of an impact he has had as an actor that with so few films under his belt (compared to most actors that is) that he is and has been one of the biggest names in Hollywood of all time. He may have fallen from glory a few years back but nothing he or anyone can ever do will erase the mark he has had on the film industry as a whole. The following films are my five favorite Tom Cruise movies but unlike most other actors I have made these lists for, I could have easily made this a top 20 list if I wanted to.

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aDDicteD3200d ago

haven't watched magnolia yet..

ruiner44823199d ago

I agree with the author of the article. Magnolia is the best PTA movie.