The Bane Issue and 10 More Movie Mumblers

IGN - Bane's muffled dialogue in The Dark Knight Rises prologue inspires our list of incomprehenisble characters.

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cr33ping_death3195d ago

Mickey was the first to come to mind... love Snatch...hehehe

sovietsoldier3195d ago

sorry but number 1 should by alright's go to mumbles from dick Tracy his name was mumbles, for fucks sake how much more of a mumbler do you want?

Baka-akaB3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

IGn still at it ? Plenty non-americans folks , and from even non english countries had no major issue there .

What's even the point of hammering it over and over anyway ? They already stated they'll alter it , the more they insist and poke at it , the director will be further slighted and do as little accomodating changes as possible .

Deputydon3195d ago

I watched the Bane Prologue on the internet from the terrible off screen camera that a guy managed to capture. I could understand every word Bane said...

I'm American if that makes a difference or not...

aDDicteD3192d ago

same here,, i think bane's voice is not that bad as the others are saying