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IGN - The Expendables: Extended Director's Cut Blu-ray Review

IGN - From my original Blu-ray review: "Despite being given a rather meaty special edition Blu-ray, this release does have one major drawback – it's missing the "Director's Cut" both Stallone and Lionsgate touted during press rounds back in August 2010. My guess is that Lionsgate was planning on simply going with one release back when no one had much confidence the film would be a hit. But, now that The Expendables has proven to be a box office smash (with whispers of a sequel already underway), it's likely Lionsgate will save that 'Director's Cut' for a double-dip down the line, similar to what they did with Rambo (the DC helped cross-promote The Expendables)."

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alycakes3197d ago

I might get this one...don't know yet...maybe whent the next one comes out I'll get it.

aDDicteD3194d ago

fair review for this one