IGN - Warrior Blu-ray Review

IGN - I've read a lot of reviews, both negative and positive, in regards to Warrior. The positive focus on the story's raw emotional core – a single idea that's carried out so perfectly in the film, it can't help but bring tears to the eyes of its many dedicated fans. But the negative reviews focus on the tired brawler narrative, which is filled with enough contrivance for at least two films. I've even heard some complaints about the film's deceptive ad campaign, which sort of painted the film as if it were a true story (it's not).

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alycakes3203d ago

Got my copy...this was a great movie...the acting all the way around was fantastic... I was very impressed with this film and I will probably watch it again this weekend and make my husband see it since he didn't go with me when I saw it.

aDDicteD3203d ago

well this was very good and it deserves to have a high review,, going to buy this one for sure