Why Dexter Needs to End

IGN - You might not know it from most of my reviews this season, but Showtime's Dexter used to be one of my absolute favorite shows. And even with my many gripes this past fall, the scores have been a bit kinder than one might expect because, despite its current failings, it still remains a very "watchable" show. Season 1 of Dexter is one of the greatest single seasons of a TV show ever. I used to give it to people as gifts, regardless of their affinity for morbidity.

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pomoluese3192d ago

I can agree with most of this. I think I was one of the few people who actually liked Deb before, but now...And Dexter really isn't going to change anymore.

sjaakiejj3190d ago

Tip: If you want it to end, stop watching it!

pomoluese3190d ago

It doesn't stop the show from being tainted, people want a show to end with everything tied up. You can't just stop watching with unanswered questions. Unless of course it's Lost.