LRA: Sleeping Beauty - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: "What an intriguing concept", That is what I thought when I first heard about Sleeping Beauty over a year ago and I still think it is. Sometimes an intriguing idea is enough to carry a film and help make up for any of its supposed faults. Like many other independent films I have seen recently, the movie isn't so much about any one thing. It isn't necessarily about the lead character, it isn't really about the hidden world she discovers while working at her new job and it isn't exactly about the job itself. As a matter of fact the film by first time director Julia Leigh seems to be struggling from minute one to find some sort of narrative avenue for its audience to latch on to. There are a lot of great ideas floating around in Sleeping Beauty that help save it from the depths of mediocrity but in the end it is more or less an exercise in excessive pointlessness that leads nowhere while also not fully exploiting the potential for such an intriguing concept.

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