IFC - Five Things we Didn’t See in “The Dark Knight Rises” Trailer, But Wanted to

IFC - Sure, there was a lot to digest in the new trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises,” but let’s face it — there’s still a lot we haven’t seen in previews for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming conclusion to his big-screen Batman trilogy.

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aDDicteD3201d ago

those were the 5 things i wanted to see on the trailer too ^_^

i agree that they should made us see a glimpse of catwoman in action and if Nolan's Bane on that film uses the chemical compund VENOM...
dont know about the robin thing but maybe that footage with the batwing and batmobile both running,, well i'm guessing that someone might had stolen the batmobile and batman's chasing it with the batwing..^_^