Top 10 Best Films of 2011

AnalogHype:"2011 can now be officially in my rearview. While I’ve pumped about what next year will bring us, it is time for me to look back at my favorite films of the year."

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BlackPrince 422613d ago

The Guard anyone?

Seriously the best comedy no one saw or talked about this year.

Captain Qwark 92613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

DRIVE SUCKED SOOOOOOOOOO BAD LMAO! i didnt like anything about it except the music. the action was weak, the story mediocre, poor character development, crappy dialogue, awkward moments of no dialogue. terrible movie imo i dont care or see the "art" in it. also i like my movies to be mostly entertaining, not boring artsy pieces. of sh*t.

My Favs of the year are...
1. MI:GP
2. Thor
3. Rise of the apes
4. XMen
5. Warrior
6. Fright Night
7. Conan

Worst this year....
1. Trans 3
2. Drive
3. Paranormal Activity 3
4. Green Lantern
5. Super 8 ( Lens Flare )
7. The Hangover 2

im sure im missing some on each list but this is off the top of my head

sarlucic2613d ago

I like how you say that Drive suck, and call the story, character devlopment and dialouge bad. Then you but 7 of the worst movies in a long time as your favorites. are a troll right?

Almost got trolled :| nice job!

Captain Qwark 92613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

lmao first its my opinion, second those movies are wildly entertaining and third although i dont like using other opinions in my arguments, i feel its necessary here since even rotten tomatoes agrees with all my choices except conan, the same rotten tomatoes which agrees that drive is one of the best films as well....

1. MI:GP 94%
2. Thor 77%
3. Rise of the apes 83%
4. XMen 87%
5. Warrior 83%
6. Fright Night 74%
7. Conan 22%

and lets start with drive.

1. bad dialouge = movie is the farthest thing from realistic, nobody stares at eachother without saying a word for 5 min, he did that about 14 times. when they did talk it was just awkward.

2. characters devopement = what did we learn About the main character? hes socially awkward, but really good at driving. never found out his name, never found out why he is so weird, hes just an odd character. some may call that "artsy" to me though, its just weird.

3. Story = rather typical revenge story, nothing special

4.action, what was there was solid, in particular the elevator, or the hotel room. very over the top but cool. overall though, not much action and that would be fine if the movie had more drama, or comedy, or anything else to make it even remotely entertaining

in conclusion, maybe its just not for me so imo it sucks, and bad. im not a professional critic or a film maker so maybe there is something im not seeing that makes this as "great" as they see. but if im rating it on the few things i typically look for in a film, it fails miserably

Blink_442612d ago

LOL conan in your top 7, drive and super 8 in your worst...what a joke.