Vin Diesel Confirms Seventh 'Fast and Furious' Movie in the Works

THR says

The sixth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise will be split into two movies.

Vin Diesel, the star and a producer of Universal’s decade-long franchise, said that during the planning process of the new movie, the Fast and Furious creative team, which includes director Justin Lin and screenwriter Chris Morgan, realized that they would need a seventh movie to tell their story. The sixth and seventh are being written simultaneously, he said.

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Soldierone3124d ago

i don't like this stupid trend Hollwood is doing. Everything is coming in "parts" now. I'm honestly surprised The Hobbit wasn't Part 1 and Part 2....considering it has more justification to the cause than these movies do.

Blink_443124d ago

I know what you mean, its not like f&f is based on a long book, dont really see the need for 2 parts.

Crazay3124d ago

The Hobbit is coming in 2 parts though.

Soldierone3124d ago

Did not know that. All the more reason behind my point lol

What does FF have that couldn't be told in one movie? This is nothing more than a cash grab for them.

Part of the skill involved in making a movie is confining it to the two hours you have....

Lord_Sloth3124d ago


adamant7153124d ago

lol wasn't riddick cancelled?

Lord_Sloth3123d ago

It hit some financial complications but it's back on track.

Crazay3123d ago

Sloth is right - it was having some issues with financing and paying some bills at the studio in Montreal but all is well now. Its moving along nicely.

Crazay3123d ago

I haven;t seen the most recent but all indicators say it's a pretty awesome movie. I really want to see it.

DarkBlood3123d ago

i thought this was known already it was told 6 and 7 was to be filmed back to back or did i miss something?

3123d ago
aDDicteD3123d ago

i liked the F&F series but splitting the 6th movie into two and writing it simultaneously....well let's just hope it works,,