The Daily Rotation - The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo (2011) Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Director David Fincher is known for making dark and unrelenting films. All of his films carry a thick atmosphere that is undeniably one of his trademarks. He oftentimes deals with flawed or damaged characters. He’s made an impression in Hollywood with films like Se7en, Fight Club, Panic Room, Zodiac and last years The Social Network. So when rumors surfaced about another adaptation of Stieg Larrson‘s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, most knew that his name being attached to the project was enough reassurance to warrant a remake/reimagining so closely after the 2009 Swedish film. Fincher’s adaptation is exactly that, an adaptation. It’s not a scene for scene remake, in fact he swaps out a handful of scenes for some that work better and some that don’t. He also changes the focus from Rooney Mara‘s Lisbeth Salander to Daniel Craig‘s Mikael Blomkvist."

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