William Shatner Snubbed Again

IGN - Remember how William Shatner was almost in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek? Well, it looks like he's not even getting the almost treatment for the sequel.

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eak32826d ago

Seriously Shatner is more than popular these days without Star Trek. Theirs no need for any of the old actors in this. Star Trek is Abrams baby, he's done amazing with the franchise so let him keep rolling with it.

p.s. I totally disagree with the articles assesment that Nimoy had nothing to do, he was a huge part of the story, much more than I think anyone had expected.

SITH2826d ago

Shatner needs to give it up. The new star trek is not about rehashing shatner's legacy. He is done in star trek as far as I am concerned. The new universe will be 100 without him.

Lord_Sloth2826d ago

Guys, he'd probably but be content with a cameo. They had freaking Tyler Perry make a guest appearance in the 1st film. What the hell does he have to do with Star Trek?

It would have been so awesome had Shatner played that part instead!

xVeZx2826d ago

ive never watched a star trek movie or show ever in my life before this one and this is like one of my favorite movies in a long time...

alycakes2820d ago

I don't really think he wanted to be in the new Star Trek movies anyway from what I heard. Either way it's better that he not be in it. I think he's doing okay like he is now.