'The Dark Knight Rises' Faces Big Problem: Audiences Can't Understand Villain

Heat Vision says

Sources say some at Warner Bros. want Christopher Nolan to change the sound mix in response to complaints that Bane's dialogue is hard to hear. But the filmmaker plans only to alter the sound slightly.

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Crazay3205d ago

I understand that he wants Bane to sound menacing and he has to sound like he's wearing a mask but it was quite tough at times to understand him. I hope the minor tweaks help.

aDDicteD3205d ago

i know that they will make some adjustments to hear more on what bane is saying. during the prologue i understand what bane was saying and it wasn't as bad as the reports/critics are saying. altering it slightly seems a good step to get this issue over with

asmith23063204d ago

Some people can't even hear what he says in the trailer. Get your ears checked people!

DeadManMcCarthy3204d ago

It took me a bout 3 replays to undertand what he said in the trailer, i guess it won't be as bad when you're in the cinema and have full surround sound which will probably make him easier to understand.

aDDicteD3203d ago

got to agree with you on that one ^_^

badkolo3204d ago

this is genious, everyone is talking about this so obviously he did it right, like i mentioned before this is no different then when songs come out and people dont understand certain lines becuase they arent said clearly or properly making people guess at what was said. as long as the movie is good then people will want to know what bane is saying and will watch it more then once to get it all.

very slick

Chnswdchldrn3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

They should amplify his voice in a way similar to Hercules in God of war 3

as oppose to trying to make him sound all menacing by speaking gutturally

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