Major Catwoman Related Plot Point Revealed In The Dark Knight Rises Trailer?

CBM says

Did you spot that potential spoiler in The Dark Knight Rises? What connects Selina Kyle/Catwoman and an important woman from Bruce Wayne's past?

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darklordzor2623d ago

Yeah, I'm not buying this one. This is reading into things way too much. Pearls are all round and white, and thus a lot of pearl necklaces look the same. It's not outside the realm of possibility that Selina Kyle has the same style necklace as Bruce's dead mother.

Also, Joe Chill broke the necklace in Batman Begins, and if for some reason Bruce picked them all up and put the necklace back together (which would make no sense) then they also would have had to survive the fire in the first film.

Lastly, I would see no point for this connection. It wouldn't make sense overall and couldn't serve much of a purpose.

pomoluese2623d ago

Yeah, it's too much of a stretch even though I'd like to imagine baby Bruce stitching together his mother's necklace in his free time.

aDDicteD2623d ago

i agree on that one that it has no connection and their speculations doesn't seems to fit

it's also nice of you to remember that it should had been in ashes because Ra's al Ghul put the mansion in flames on batman begins ^_^

aDDicteD2623d ago

yes, maybe it was just a pure coincidence that it looks the same as the necklace of Bruce's mother at batman begins

asmith23062622d ago

I didn't read this article but just want to ask is anyone else not sick of all the spoilers and set photos that are all over the internet? Fuck that im not looking at anything until the film comes out!

Crazay2622d ago

I don't have a problem with speculation or even set photos. Totally your call thought dude.

aDDicteD2622d ago

that's what i keep saying to myself but it's really so tempting to read those,, Glad you are making the right decision ^_^

irish4life092622d ago

Anyway we could see Bruce give Selina a "pearl necklace" in the film? lol

MinimeJer052622d ago

I chuckled lol! But yeah, I don't that's the EXACT same necklace.

Crazay2622d ago

If it's the same necklace, we can probably assume that she stole it. I think that's the more likely reason for her being in possession of it.

xVeZx2622d ago

id love to give anne hathaway a pearl necklace

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