Hardly A Spoiler: What Bane Does To Batman In The Dark Knight Rises

Bleeding cool says

As work on The Dark Knight Rises continues and more and more people get involved with what must amount to Warner Bros. biggest ongoing project, the trickle of behind-the-scenes information into the ear holes of Bleeding Cool has become faster and heavier.

One well tried and certainly trusted individual has handed us a few puzzle pieces, some of which don’t yet make sense. But during our conversation, they also confirmed, without any doubt, that a certain, highly anticipated plot point from Bat-lore is going to feature in the new film’s storyline.

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Crazay3195d ago

I think the 8yrs later thing is after his first encounter with Bane when his back is broken.

eak33191d ago

Who knows whats what. Ive been reading everything from Bane breaking his back, which is likely, to Gotham being totally destroyed by the League of Shadows. Everything is just a rumor, just cant wait to watch this and see whats really up.

contra1573195d ago

thank goodness there is enough spoiling in the media for this movie already

Crazay3195d ago

It's a tough call as to what is or isn't spoiling or just speculation. I don;t think anyone had any misconceptions about what Bane would do to Batman.

aDDicteD3195d ago

well bane is so known for breaking batmans back,, not surprised if it's going to happen on the film

StarWarsFan3191d ago

Nice, unless this is just marketing misdirection.