First Wrath of the Titans Trailer Features Heavy Action, Poor Song Choice

From TMP:

Without skipping a beat from debuting the second Dark Knight Rises trailer, Warner Bros. drops another trailer right on top of us. This time in the form of an action-packed teaser for Wrath of the Titans.

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Crazay3228d ago

I thought that was a good trailer but ya, Marilyn Manson is a little out of place for this movie.

darklordzor3228d ago

I'm willing to say the trailer grabbed my attention, but I still worry about the film. Honestly, it looked like God of War the game more than anything else.

aDDicteD3227d ago

i agree,, after watching that trailer it has a little touch of god of war game,,

Nes_Daze3228d ago

LOL this trailer did remind me of God of War, which is a good thing but wtf is up with the song? Clash of the Titans was barely decent, I don't have much hope for this one.

aDDicteD3227d ago

yes it was a poor song choice,, trailer looks decent but the song was bad,,

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