Itunes Reveals A Teaser For Prometheus Before The Official Trailer Debuts In 3 Days

CBM says

Get a first look before the official first look at Ridley Scott's Prometheus

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Crazay2620d ago

How can Ridley even try to deny that this an origins story to the Alien series?

edwest2619d ago

I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the footage Ridley has shot, looks nothing like his recent work. Much, much closer to what he used to shoot in the 80's.

The Alien connection is pretty much on the nose at this point, all the audio/visual elements are in place. Not to mention the presense of Brandywine Films/Walter Hill/David Giler/H.R. Giger etc.

Along with Talia Al'Ghul in TDKR, it's probably the worst kept secret in movies right now.

aDDicteD2617d ago

you're right about that one,,^_^
well it's those kinda secrets that keeps us fans really looking forward to TDKR and prometheus

ironfist922619d ago

A 30-second teaser, and its already scary as fuck.