‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer Offers a Bleak Portrait of Gotham

Hero Complex writes:
“The Dark Knight Rises” has a trailer out, and it reveals a portrayal of Gotham that’s more bleak (if that’s possible) than the first two films in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight.”

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pomoluese3197d ago

I don't think Bane sounds that bad. Maybe they fixed it.

sjaakiejj3197d ago

It's not too bad when it's quiet, but it's impossible to hear what he says when there's a lot of noise. Don't think they changed much in this trailer.

ironfist923197d ago

Is it just me, or does this not feel like a Batman film anymore.

It seems like a completely original film devoid of any ties to the Batman we've all been accustomed to.

So much has been changed, and I cant for the life of me tell whether this is a brilliant thing, or a devastating thing.

A Batman trailer in which we see batman for a few seconds?

I hope Nolan knows what he's doing.

aDDicteD3197d ago

im pretty sure that Nolan knows what he is doing, he was successful in bringing two batman film and that proves to us fans that he wont let us down on this 3rd one,, i like what he has done to bane,, the more of a mastermind/strategist like in the comics and i liked the more of the realistic superhero movie that he brings just like the 2 batman films he had made

gaden_malak3196d ago

Best not to judge until you see the movie.

StarWarsFan3193d ago

I was expecting more from the first trailer. At least some more footage of Bane than that which was included or more Catwoman in costume.