5 Actors To Replace Christian Bale As Batman After The Dark Knight Rises

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After The Dark Knight Rises is unleashed on our screens next July, Christopher Nolan will step down as director and Christian Bale will be giving up the cowl and at least for the time being (probably forever… but you can never say never for sure) they are done with the Batman franchise.

Knowing they won’t be tempted to make a fourth film anytime soon, Warner Bros. has expressed interest in rebooting the franchise with a series of films they hope they can convince Nolan to produce, but we have to wonder why all of these reboots are so necessary? Spider-Man, X-Men… we are looking at you!

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Crazay3206d ago

For the most part, this article has some decent suggestions but Idris Elba as Batman? Give me a break. That idea is as dumb as anything.

aDDicteD3206d ago

haha,, 100% agree on that one,, Bruce Wayne is not black,, ^_^

Eternus3205d ago

Why did you say hes not black with a happy face? LOL beep beep racism alarm..

Blacktric3205d ago

There's nothing racist about stating the fact that Bruce Wayne not being black. Sure, they did the same thing with the Ultimate Spider Man and replaced Peter Parker with a black kid but he was an entirely new character. He wasn't Peter Parker. So if they're going to cast a black man for the sake of not looking like racists, they might as well throw the whole reboot into trash.

aDDicteD3205d ago

@ eternus it's not racism,, i'm just stating my opinion as a batman fan and just commented on this article list,, almost all commented on that one

pomoluese3205d ago

As far as Spiderman being black is related, Stan Lee himself said that race didn't matter for Peter Parker so why should we care?

I don't really see why anyone should care what race the character is as long as he still fits the personality.

frelyler3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

It has to do with source material. It can be jarring and distracting if something is changed about a character that does not fit into the lore or is just completely opposite of what we have come to know and love. If for example Shaft was remade with a white dude in the lead it would be so far off from the source material that it would only distract you the entire movie. All you would come out with from the movie is I can't believe a white guy just played Shaft, not any thought about the actual movie. Sometimes facts are just that and race is not associated. Are we so sensitive now that we cannot even make a statement of fact for fear of hurting someone's feelings? American's need a good ass kicking to stop making all of us politically correct wusses.

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MorningStar3206d ago

Terrible list. Only decent one was Michael Fassbender. Rest are stupid. Seriously people are stupid when they think its a good idea to change the race of a character... he's white simple. James Bond is white simple. Harry Potter is white. You wouldn't have a white Shaft would you?

aDDicteD3206d ago

not a good list,,they are not a good candidate for the next Bruce Wayne,,

krazykombatant3206d ago

Michael Fassbender sure, john hamm ehhhh sure i guess.... marky mark?! Jake Gyllenhall? Idris Elba?!?!??? The list just goes to the shitter. If this were to be a serious list of contenders we can all expect batman to go back down the shitter.

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