Ridley Scott Talks Prometheus, Giger, Beginning of Man and Original Alien

Filmophilia says

Today, we bring you our most exciting feature yet, an interview with legendary director Ridley Scott, who is now working on one of 2012′s most anticipated blockbusters, sci-fi thriller Prometheus. I met with the very energetic Scott in July, when he was in Iceland filming a reported 15-minute sequence for the film, along with a crew of over 200, and most of Prometheus’ principal cast.

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Crazay3200d ago

Not a bad interview with RS. He kinda loosens his lips a little. I encourage anyone who likes the Alien franchise to check this read out.

Crazay3199d ago

Ok now that I've seen some footage, I'm 100% positive that we're going to see some sort of familiar ending ....perhaps the beginning of Alien?

aDDicteD3198d ago

very direct questions,, really made me have a glimpse on what to expect on this one and i got to say im really looking forward to this one for sure,,

StarWarsFan3197d ago

I can't wait for this project to come out.