Who Ya Gonna Call? Not Bill Murray

National Enquirer says

Hard to believe it’s nearly two years since I told you how frustrated DAN AYKROYD phoned old pal/“Ghostbusters” co-star BILL MURRAY – who kept blocking the long-awaited remake with snarky script complaints – and snapped: “Stop acting like a jerk!

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Crazay3200d ago

You have to consider the source here but sometimes they get it right and I suspect this may be one of those moments. I really don't think that Bill Murray has any interest at all in getting back with these guys. No matter how awesome the script could be, I think he'd cut it down and say no.

pomoluese3199d ago

This doesn't sound true I mean I really don't think he'd shred all those pages.

He does look pretty bad in that picture though.

LettingGo3199d ago

But we DO want to see fat, old men chasing ghosts!!!

StarWarsFan3196d ago

I can respect his view, but I'm still a huge Ghostbusters fan. There are just some modern stars I don't want to see in a third movie.