Christopher Nolan Teases Robin In Trailer #2

CosmicBookNews says

It's been rumored and not rumored that Robin will be in The Dark Knight Rises.

I believe director Christopher Nolan has even gone on record stating that Robin is a no go.

However, what is this "Easter Egg" in trailer #2 for The Dark Knight Rises that was released this weekend?

The trailer saw Bane explode something at Gotham City Stadium, the scene with Hines Ward running, but check out the sign the crowd is holding.

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Crazay3207d ago

That's pretty awesome actually. good find

aDDicteD3207d ago

that's a very nice find ^_^
but i think it is just an easter egg to the film

Crazay3207d ago

There's no doubt about it - I never once thought that it would mean we'd see the Boy Wonder. Nolan is just having a little fun at our expense. What a jerk


aDDicteD3206d ago

haha.. but that's really a nice way to have fun with the fans,, hope there will be more of Easter eggs on the film

pomoluese3206d ago

I'd say it's an Easter Egg since this is the last one in the franchise and we haven't seen any Robin footage.

plstcsldgr3206d ago

If you look they show the camo bridge jumping vehicle and something that looks like a bat-wing behind it who could be flying that thing.

Crazay3206d ago

Batman or Catwoman. He actually see her with Batman next to one of those things in some spy footage.

aDDicteD3204d ago

batman could be flying that one and the batmobile might be stolen