The Worst Films Of 2011

A.V. Club - We’ve looked at the best films of 2011, and spotlighted some titles we feared might get overlooked. Now, without further ado, here are our picks for the worst the year had to offer.‬

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alycakes2618d ago

I didn't get to see 13 but anything with Statham in it can't be bad so that one shouldn't be on the list.

aDDicteD2618d ago

the only thing that i watched on that list was beastly and shark night 3D,, the rest i haven't watched yet and i'm glad that i haven't watched those if it's as bad as it is said on the list

pomoluese2618d ago

Ugh I wish we could all agree to never mention any part of the Human Centipede franchise. Even on lists of terrible movies.