MovieLine - Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows Review

MovieLine - Romance! Jealousy! Temptation! There’s an alluring new stranger vying for Sherlock Holmes’s attentions and affections in Guy Ritchie’s turn-of-the-century sleuthing sequel, A Game of Shadows, but it’s not the dark and beautiful gypsy woman at the center of Holmes’s latest mystery. For that matter, Holmes’s on-again, off-again ladyfriend Irene Adler doesn’t truly have his heart, either. It’s BFF and hetero life partner Dr. Watson who forms the tale’s real love triangle with Holmes — escalating the first film’s bromantic undercurrent of mutual admiration and “circumstantial homosexuality” to overt, unabashed man-love and dangerous attraction — with tantalizingly evil interloper Professor James Moriarty.

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