IGN's Performances They Can't Wait to See

IGN - As excited as we are to see the slate of upcoming movies outlined below, we're just as excited to see some of the key performances in them. These are all iconic characters played by very talented actors, which just adds to the huge anticipation we have for these films. Check 'em out, and then be sure to take our poll at the end:

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pomoluese3207d ago

I'm still concerned with Catwoman, they should release a clip with her in it too.

aDDicteD3207d ago

in the second trailer that they release they show a little bit of catwoman but i want to see her in actiion ^_^

aDDicteD3207d ago

so many on the list but im most excited to see tom hardy's performance on bane,, hope that the issues with the voice improves

alycakes3207d ago

I don't know about Hardy as Bane but I've liked him in everything else he's done...he's a great actor.

StarWarsFan3206d ago

I'm still concerning about what they've done with Catwoman. I hope they have not less than the character deserves.