David Fincher Updates on 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, Cleopatra, and House Of Cards

The Collider:
One of the most talented directors working today, David Fincher is somebody whose films are eagerly anticipated by a multitude of fans from the moment they’re announced. When word got out that a “Facebook movie” was in the works, 99% of people wrote it off as a cash grab. That all changed when Fincher signed on to The Social Network as director (a script by Aaron Sorkin didn’t hurt either). Fincher is currently doing the press rounds for his latest directorial effort: a large-scale R-rated adaptation of the wildly popular book The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Steve is in New York for the film’s press junket and he recently got the chance to sit down with the director for an exclusive interview.

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alycakes2619d ago

I had no idea he was behind all these projects. I just don't understand how they keep everything together.

aDDicteD2617d ago

20,000 league under the sea might be interesting