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Five Times Pixar Broke Our Hearts

Ever since Toy Story, Pixar (with some help from Disney) has revolutionized what it means to watch a kids’ movie. Disney has always been good at making movies both kids and grown-ups can enjoy, but it wasn’t until Pixar came along that animated movies became a true art form. Pixar’s genius lies in that they aren’t afraid to tackle mature topics, especially death and loss, while still remaining bright, funny and full of life. However, it’s become noticeably harder and harder to get through a Pixar movie without breaking down into tears. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of the top five moments that Pixar broke our hearts, because if there’s one thing they’re great at, it’s reminding us of our own mortality.

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MinimeJer053205d ago

Great article. Brings back some memories of some of my favorite Pixar films!

pomoluese3204d ago

I feel like cartoons are the movies that make me cry the most.