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The 10 Best Performances In Terrible 2011 Movies

CB - Every year of movies brings with a lot of bad stuff, and when you write about movies for a living like we do, you wind up seeing a lot of garbage that you never, ever would have chosen on your own. But even when you walk into a film you know is probably going to suck, you're always hoping for some bright spot, something that means the entire two hours weren't a waste. More often than not, it's one spectacular performance that does the trick-- when one actor manages to turn in something great despite everything going wrong around them, you can feel the clouds part and the angels sing, at least until the next dumb thing happens and you remember what an awful movie you're sitting through.

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Blink_442857d ago

Im sorry, but Unknown and The Rite are not terrible movies.

pomoluese2856d ago

Neil Patrick Harris doesn't really ever pick good movies to work on.

aDDicteD2856d ago

most of the movies in this list are not as terrible as it seems.

MorningStar2855d ago

You can tell the person who wrote the list is a moron. Unknown, Drive Angry, Red State, The Rite and Larry Crowne were all good movies. Just goes to show any moron can have an opinion.

gaffyh2855d ago

Sorry, but Drive Angry was the crappest film of the whole year, it absolutely sucked. The acting in it was terrible, as was the story.

MorningStar2855d ago

Drive Angry was not designed to be a serious film. That's where people go wrong. It is meant to be a funny easy going film like Shoot Em Up. That was a kinda spoofy film. Not made to be taken seriously but people like yourself watched it and moaned because they thought it was going to be serious.

gaffyh2854d ago

The fact that everyone thought it was going to be a serious film proves how crap a film it is, because the writing was that terrible.

Lord_Sloth2855d ago

How DARE he have a differing opinion! It should be off with his head like the Socialists we are since he doesn't see eye to eye. And we should belittle his intellect whilst we're at it!

On topic, I find that Revolver was an absolutely awful movie but that Ray Liotta (probably 1 of the most underrated actors ever) did a fantastic job in the film.

StarWarsFan2855d ago

How was Unknown a terrible movie?