Movies Hate You Too Review: Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol in IMAX

Movies Hate You Too writes:

It's hard to believe the first Mission: Impossible was released over 15 years ago. While an absolutely imperfect film I nevertheless still enjoy the original film way more than I should. Conversely I abhor Mission: Impossible 2 and consider it to be a god awful mess that took everything I loved about the first film and destroyed it. Mission: Impossibe III however was a much better film but aside from the remarkable casting of Philip Seymour Hoffman as its villain is still largely forgettable. After the release of M:I3 rumblings began to arise about the continuation of the series stemming from concerns about the disappointing box office returns and the viability of Tom Cruise as an aging (and possible deranged) action star. Somehow an agreement was reached but Tom Cruise and Paramount have a lot riding on the success Ghost Protocol because if it fails it might be the end of not only a franchise but also Tom Cruise's career as an action star.

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lowest review so far... should have been more higher