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Great Trainwrecks of Science Fiction: Movies Where the Director Was Fired in the Middle

iO9 says

Everybody knows that the movies can be a messy business — and oftentimes, what reaches the big screen is the result of a process akin to sticking your fingers in a Cuisinart. And sometimes the original director of a project gets dropped just before filming — as happened with The Wolfman. Or sometimes the director gets dropped after shooting but during the editing phase, as was rumored to be happening with the Judge Dredd film recently. We also learned just a couple weeks ago that Steven Spielberg came perilously close to being sacked from Jaws halfway through shooting.

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StarWarsFan3204d ago

Sometimes it just has to be done. Other times, it's a mistake.

aDDicteD3203d ago

i actually want to see the james cameron cut of the piranha 2 movie,, didn't knew about that one,, it's quite intriguing

hazelamy3202d ago

i wonder who it was that wanted to get Spielberg off of jaws, and which branch of mcdonalds he's working in now? ^_^