See What the Green Goblin Could've Look Liked in this Makeup Test for Raimi's Spider-Man

CBM says

The Academy Award winning team over at Studio ADI has posted a video showcasing another design for Willem Dafoe's version of the menacing Green Goblin.

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Crazay3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

That looks really effin cool. I'm a much bigger fan of that look than what we got.

alycakes3202d ago

It does really look good. Maybe if they ever bring him back in another reboot they can use this look.

aDDicteD3202d ago

nice,, looks more of the cartoonish version of the green goblin

pomoluese3201d ago

I like it except for the eyes, maybe they would have done some CG afterward.

StarWarsFan3200d ago

I can't say I would've hated it if this had made it into the final movie.