AICN Exclusive Premiere: Expendables 2 One-Sheet

AICN says

Hey folks, Harry here... that poster that made the rounds a couple weeks back, according to Lionsgate, that wasn't their poster and they don't know where it came from. But this here... this is the EXPENDABLES 2 poster that Lionsgate has come up with, and I have to say... it certainly makes an impression! The names in this one are even more amazing than in the first film. I seriously don't know what my brain will do seeing Norris and Van Damme alongside Willis, Arnold and Sly. That seems like something that even the boys at Los Alamos wouldn't have dared put together. Right? Just too much awesome. Enjoy the poster:

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aDDicteD3208d ago

not the nicest looking poster compared with the other titles coming out next yr, better come out with a more appealing one ,nice poster though