Best TV Moments Of 2011: From The Darkest Timeline To A Face-Off

CB - 2011 has been a great year for television, with too many memorable moments worth mentioning. We managed to chip away at the long list of our favorite bits from this year’s TV, bringing it down to the ten best of the best. From a very dark timeline, to a big reveal and a couple of major deaths, TV had a lot to offer us this year.

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aDDicteD2618d ago

im a big fAN of the walking dead and seeing sophia come out as a walker.. was really a great twist after a slow pace throughout the 6 was a worthy mid season finale.

pomoluese2618d ago

I loved the dark timeline in Community. Abed looks really good with a beard.

StarWarsFan2617d ago

The Walking Dead and The Office are the best on that list.