The 8 Stupidest Movies to Ever Receive a Golden Globe Nomination

Moviefone says

Congratulations, 2012 Golden Globe nominees, you can hold your head high knowing that you now have something in common with 'Patch Adams.' No one can ever take that away from you. It's quite an honor. (And, yes, 'Patch Adams' really was nominated for a Golden Globe.) You see, the reason the Golden Globes are not the most respected awards is because it's voted on by a very small group of foreign (ahem) journalists who have been known to be susceptible to, let's say, (ahem) outside influences that may or may not determine what gets a nomination.

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edwest2622d ago

It's the Golden Globes, what did we expect?

Lord_Sloth2621d ago

Exactly. It's just like the VGA. Nobody takes it seriously!

StarWarsFan2622d ago

Sister Act was still awesome.

aDDicteD2621d ago

never knew that analyze this was nominated once